Karovip 1300
Cins / Type:
  • Alçıpan / Drywall
Ebat / Size:
  • 30x30, 60x60, 30x60
Renk / Color:
  • Ahşap, siyah, beyaz, bordo / Wood, black, white, burgundy
Taşıyıcı Sistem / Carrier System:
  • T Taşıyıcı Sistemi / T Carrier System
Kalite / Quality:
  • TSE, CE / TSE, CE
Harmony of Natural Tissues with Places

Türktav Innovation is proud to present our products to our valued customers with different and innovative ideas. Always in the sector to be ahead and to serve by making the principle of self-made our company special products with you

What is Turktav KaroVIP?
Our special CNC machines designed by our engineers and the shape and size of the gypsum board plates are covered with foil, plastic or fabric that you requested on the back of the product in the special coating machines. takes its final form.
What is the carrier system?
Our products are fully compatible with the ‘T’ carrier system. As Türktav Innovation, our works for the carrier system have been completed and special products have been prepared. New generation and aesthetic carrier systems will be presented to your appreciation.

What are the Technical Specifications?
Although our products are more durable than a normal gypsum board, their weight has not changed, thanks to the pvc on it, our product has become 95% more durable and is durable against moisture and fire.
Product dimensions are completely according to your request 30x30, 60x60, 30x60 and so on. ranged from.

Why Choose?
The most important feature of our products is to fully strengthen the hand in terms of architecture by choosing more than fifty colors and patterns and to make your place more special.
Perfect Aesthetics in Space
Long Lifespan
Standard Or Custom-made Dimensions
Hygiene And Ease Of Cleaning
Durable And Robust Product Class
Highly Recyclable Product
The Perfect Life Cycle
Modular Disconnect Plug Feature
More Technical Details