Cins / Type:
  • Galvaniz / Galvanized
Ebat / Size:
  • 30x30, 60x60, 30x60
Perforasyon / Perforation:
  • Deliksiz / Non Perforation
Renk / Color:
  • Ahşap,siyah,beyaz,bordo/ Wood,black,white,burgundy
Taşıyıcı Sistem / Carrier System:
  • Özel Gizli Taşıyıcı Sistem / Private Hidden Carrier System
Kalite / Quality:
  • TSE, CE

Special Designs for Different Styles

TURKTAV CLIP-IN Suspended Ceiling Systems

Our company, whose principle has been innovation since day one, has transformed this simple and colorless product into a pleasing and decorative product in the name of design and brought a new perspective for Clip-in suspended ceiling.

What is Wooden-Looking and Flat Turktav Clip-in Suspended Ceiling?

Our own production of Clip-in Galvanized and Clip-in Aluminum plates 30x30, 30x60, 60x60, 60x120, 120x120, etc. The product is finalized by being coated with the wood-looking and flat pattern PVC coating method that you have chosen.

Clip-In Suspended Ceiling Carrier System?

Clip-in carriers are in perfect harmony with our products, and you can also customize the edge profiles to decorate your environment with the desired pattern.

Clip-in Suspended Ceiling

Our product is galvanized and aluminum raw material and it is more strong in terms of durability thanks to PVS Coating on it, our moisture resistant product can be used easily in wet volumes.

Why Choose Clip-in Suspended Ceiling?

The biggest feature of our products is to strengthen your hand in terms of architecture by choosing more than fifty colors and patterns completely optional and to make your place more special.

Perfect Aesthetics in Space

Long Lifespan

Standard Or Custom-made Dimensions

Hygiene And Ease Of Cleaning

Durable And Robust Product Class

Highly Recyclable Product

The Perfect Life Cycle

Modular Disconnect Plug Feature

More Technical Details