Cins / Type:
  • Deniz Kabuğu Alçıpan / Sea Shell
Ebat / Size:
  • 30x30, 60x60x 30x60 / 30x30, 60x60x 30x60
Renk / Color:
  • Beyaz, Kahve / White, Brown
Taşıyıcı Sistem / Carrier System:
  • T-24 / T-24
Kalite / Quality:
  • TSE ve CE / TSE and CE
Ağırlık / Weight:
  • 10 kg/m2 / 10 kg/m2
Our product, which will add a fresh air to your place, was developed by our Research and Development department and presented to you, our valued customers. After the sea shells collected from the Aegean coasts are cleaned from their salt and minerals, then they reached our facilities during the production stage and they are presented as ready to use.

Since it is a decorative material, it can be used in all places related to sea products such as cafés or restaurants etc.