Perforation: 10 mm

Pvc Reinforced Wood Pattern Gypsum Plate Panels Our wood laminated panels are based on laminated gypsum board which has excellent properties both in terms of fire safety and acoustics. The veneer panel is less sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity, which maintains the linearity of timber laminated panels over time. Together, this unique combination contributes to a timber panel suitable for applications not only in large areas but also in a wide variety of demanding situations. Wood Laminated Panel has Many Unique Benefits, When designing a wood veneer panel, there are many requirements that guide the choice of component materials. Among our first demands; absolutely planar surface, dimensional stability, fire retardant and acoustic properties. These demands effectively eliminate most traditional wood-based options. However, a wood-patterned laminated panel made of highly compacted gypsum board contains the features necessary to meet fire protection demands, while at the same time offering versatility and aesthetic appeal while providing good acoustic properties. Front and side surfaces used in demountable partition wall and modular partition wall systems are PVC coated gypsum wall panels.     The PVC coating on the front surface of the panels provides ease of cleaning and maintenance, and allows you to add difference to your space with color and pattern options.    TURKTAV Wall Cladding Panels can be applied as Wall UC Profiles and Box Profiles.   Office Partition Systems: As a result of the R & D studies carried out within our company, our company has completely eliminated the use of old type wooden products which are widely used in architecture, harmful to nature, causing tree cutting and causing global result. Our new product, which is used in Office Partition Wall Panels, consists entirely of Gypsum Board and PVC Raw Material, thus decreasing the cost and preventing the harm to nature, its glossy surface reveals a brighter and more sensitive appearance than the wood in aesthetic and architectural texture.