Tüketim / Consumption:
  • Uygulanan desene ve yüzeye bağlı olarak, 0,05-0,2 kg/m2 / Depending on the pattern and surface applied, 0.05-0.2 kg / m2
Viskozite / Viscosity:
  • 100-120 KU TAL-058 / 100-120 KU TAL-058
Yoğunluk / Density:
  • 1,01+-0,03 g/cm3 TAL-001 / 1,01+-0,03 g/cm3 TAL-001
PH / PH:
  • 8-9 TAL-004 / 8-9 TAL-004
% VOC / % VOC:
  • 10g/l EPA TEST METHOD 24 / 10g/l EPA TEST METHOD 24

GARDENIA, which is one of the most decorative and eye-catching products on the way we have always come to be innovative and leader in the sector has been produced by hand-workmanship.

The product manifests itself in the environment adds a stylish air in the environment. All colours in the colour chart will be included soon for our products which are available in gold, silver and bronze colours.